The Obama Administration has set into motion a series of regulations that will raise the standards of fuel efficiency. By the year 2025, all cars and light-duty trucks must meet a 54.5 mpg fuel-economy requirement through the development of advanced technologies and the implementation of strategic lightweighting steel solutions – all while maintaining the highest standards in passenger safety. This process involves the combination and strategic use of strength and ductility standards, as illustrated in the following chart. The A/SP is committed to providing its members with immediate weight-savings to ensure their successful transition into the highest standards of fuel efficiency. This is achieved through the application of cost-effective design and the use of manufacturing steel solutions. The combined results of these initiatives is more fuel-efficient vehicles by the year 2025.

The A/SP technology roadmap – updated annually and used for annual project planning – documents the current and future technical challenges for automotive steel applications. The roadmap captures technical areas of interest and need within the industry and is mapped against when the technology is needed for application (end date of the project area) and when the projects supporting the technical area need to begin to achieve the desired results at the appropriate time. In addition, the roadmap indicates which projects are best suited for pre-competitive collaboration within the A/SP and which project areas are better suited for other organizations such as research for universities, design for automakers or steel development. 

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