The Race to 54.5 MPG by 2025!

The Obama Administration has set into motion a series of regulations that will raise the standards of fuel efficiency. By the year 2025 all cars and light-duty trucks must meet a 54.5 mpg fuel-economy requirement. The Auto/Steel Partnership (A/SP) is focused on helping automakers meet these requirements through the development of advanced technologies and the implementation of strategic lightweighting steel solutions – all while maintaining the highest standards in passenger safety. This process involves the combination and strategic use of strength and ductility standards, as illustrated in the following chart. The A/SP is committed to providing its members with immediate weight-savings to ensure their successful transition into the highest standards of fuel efficiency. This is achieved through the application of cost-effective design and the use of manufacturing steel solutions. The combined result of these initiatives is more fuel-efficient vehicles by the year 2025.


x - 54.5 mpg fleetwide average in 2025


When the total vehicle's life cycle is considered or taken into account, STEEL is the most environmentally and cost effective choice for auto makers.