Hemming of Thin Gauge Advanced High-Strength Steel


The Auto/Steel Partnership (A/SP) Hemming of Thin Gauge Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS) project achieved a 30 percent weight savings with an extremely tight breakline radii using thinner gauge AHSS for automotive closure panels.

Stamping Tooling Optimization


The Auto/Steel Partnership Stamping Tooling Optimization team conducts research on the leading edge of materials technology to develop optimum standards for durable tools to form advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) at a high value. In the progressive die video, AHSS coils are punched, trimmed and flange-formed in a production setup to evaluate multiple cutting and forming materials. In the U-Bend video, AHSS coils are trimmed and formed in a single stage die that simulates production. For both, cast and wrought tools are coated with various plasma and other treatments and coatings to determine combinations that provide maximum durability.