Joining Project Team

The Joining Project Team investigates the joining issues associated with higher-strength steels, including 3rd Gen AHSS. The Joining Team’s investigations include; the study of Liquid Metal Embrittlement of 3rd Gen AHSS, improving the toughness of welds in AHSS and Weld/Heat Affected Zone FEA Modelling for Crash.

Focal Projects and Activities

LME of 3rd Gen AHSS – Industrial Welding Solutions

A priority focal project for A/SP is assessing LME susceptibility of AHSS and 3rd Gen AHSS, the impact of industrial welding factors, and developing LME resistant fusion and spot-welding solutions for AHSS and 3rd Gen AHSS.  Additional emphasis is on non-destructive testing and inspection methodologies for LME, computer modeling and simulation of spot welds for LME crack formation.