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The goal is to transfer as much technology as we can to non-A/SP entities that would also benefit from our work. If an offering sparks your interest but is password-protected, we encourage you to request access.


AHSS Training Courses

Our Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) Training and Stamping Tooling Optimization teams have developed AHSS training materials to support Tier 1, 2 and 3 stamping suppliers. These courses disseminate knowledge/training for stamping die weld repair procedures. The teams currently offer a series of recorded AHSS trainings.

Metallurgy - There are many grades of AHSS available to satisfy the many requirements of each part of the automotive body structure. This course will take you through that evolution.

Formability – Advanced High Strength Steels is a broad category of steels that encompass many different grades having different characteristics that affect forming. This course will take you through process design and process maintenance, both critical to robust operations.

Joining – Affecting the application of AHSS to part of a vehicle are considerations for Steel Chemistry, Effects of Galvanized Coating, Effects of Process Parameters, Carbon Equivalent, and Liquid Metal Embrittlement (LME). This course will discuss how to address these topics


Die Weld Repair Procedures

The Auto/Steel Partnership (A/SP) Stamping Tooling Optimization (STO) Team developed a series of OEM weld repair procedures for common stamping die materials. Each procedure is specific to the stamping process (i.e. trim, forming, etc.) and repair issue (i.e. crack repair, edge repair, etc.). The procedures cover the filler material, recommended weld equipment, heat treatment (pre- and post), and applicable process notes. The procedures were created from OEM auto manufacturer input and are intended to help in repair and restoration of stamping dies. A/SP assumes no responsibility for the use of the information. Click here for a downloadable copy.


Steel Resources

AHSS Guidelines– The AHSS Guidelines provide global best practices for forming and joining AHSS and 3rd Gen Steels, click here for a downloadable copy. The guidelines enable those who are making automotive structures to master the fundamentals and get up to speed on specific application knowledge. Automotive designers, engineers and press shop personnel can all benefit from the Guidelines as they apply these steels to vehicle manufacturing.

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